La Podrida Exact Bidding Group

La Podrida Exact Bidding Group

La Podrida

This game is the Spanish equivalent of Oh Hell!. There is a difference in the play of the cards: in La Podrida players who cannot follow suit are obliged to play a trump. The name of the game means "putrid" or "rotten". It refers to the strategy of spoiling other players' contracts by giving them too many or too few tricks.

Rules in Spanish of an Argentinean version can be found on this archive copy of the page of the Federación Internacional de Podrida.

Rules for a Mexican variant can be found on Gonzalo Mena-Mendoza's page Juego de las Bazas.

Don Naipe publishes La Pocha apps for Android and iOS.

You can download a freeware Podrida program from Thanos Card Games.